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Our Story

At Aster Athletic, we're all about bringing a little style and a lot of quality to your workout gear.

Aster was created for the sole purpose of supporting athletes as well as regular people who want to excel at their sport by protecting their joints and reducing pain and discomfort. 
Being veteran athletes ourselves, the world of sports has given to us with both hands, which is why we felt like we needed to give something back in a way. It was our realization that the market was congested with poor quality straps, braces, and wraps that did not live up to the everyday lifter’s expectations and failed to provide support or even long-lasting use for competitive athletes. 
That’s when we decided to take matters into our own hands, put our gym and sports experience to the test and started our own line of joint support products that have helped innumerable athletes to this day.  
After collaborating with expert orthopedics and other veteran athletes, we knew exactly what we wanted out of our support wraps and we knew exactly what our customers needed. As a result, we designed them to be a living manifestation of our three core values; quality, effectiveness, and honesty. 
Using only premium, breathable and elastic materials, our products will always support your joints by providing an excellent fit without restricting blood circulation or range of motion. That’s what makes them ideal for sports as well as everyday use at home or at the gym. 
However, our company would never be what it is today if it wasn’t for our customers. That’s why we insist on providing the friendliest and most helpful customer service that will see all your questions answered and your issues dealt with. In fact, we might not be a family business but we certainly aim to treat every customer as family! 
So, join our community of sports lovers, browse through our store and pick the products that will offer you unparalleled protection and support during your intense training sessions or competitive games! 
Thank you for choosing us!